Monday, October 27, 2008

Sharing Part 3

Exploring SlideShare, Diigo, and Google Analytics was great this week! I was especially excited about the following Slideshare presentation on Instructional Technology revolving around
Web 2.0. Even though there is a slant toward libraries of the future, (in fact, one slide speaks of the "Expresso"-a $US50,000 vending machine with a conceivably infinite library, consumer- ready, a "library ATM" that made its debut in 2007!) the presentation really captures all of the applications that we have been discussing in class in a creative, well thought-out, visually appealing way. This slide presentation not only reviews the qualities of Traditional vs. Open Learning, but two of the slides gave a telling comparison between 20th Century learning skills and 21st Century Learning Skills. The slide on 21st Century Learning Skills was particularly appropriate as it lists Life Skills, 21st Century Content, Core Subjects, Learning and Thinking Skills, and ICT Literacy, all withing the frame work of appropriate 21st Century Assessment. Additionally, one of the slides says, "Creativity, not Productivity" which I thought was very insightful. It is a very thorough visual summation of what we have explored so far in class!

As 'design' underlies all of our instructional technology, the two web sites that follow provide informative and thought-provoking material on design. The first, promotes the idea of how critically important and foundational design is (and should be!). "Design is the fundamental Soul of a man-made creation" is one of the slides. This Slideshare presentation focuses on the business side of instructional technology. It poses the question, "What is Design"? and answers, "It is the principal difference between LOVE and HATE!" (It shows a Mac computer, and iPod, and a beautifully designed bed, and then as the opposite, a slide of Bill Gates, and six remote controls!)

Finally, you may link to a very short Slideshare presentation about "Designing for the World", an altruistic, practical site that underscores the necessity of thoughtful, humanitarian design!

In addition to enjoying Slideshare, I downloaded Diigo, and commented on Lyndell Lutes' blog by highlighting and creating a floating comment. I always enjoy reading Lyndell's blog with her strong writing style and wise insights!

After class on Wednesday, I went over the the Apple Store and spent some significant time with one of their specialists, who helped me apply Google Analytics to my Timeline Journal Website. Apparently, there is no smooth technology transition between Google Analytics and iWeb, and so there is a 'hacker' sort of way to accomplish it. After quite a bit of figuring and convoluted configuring, we were able to succeed! I am very interested in the subject of web analytics, as it adds such an important dimension of understanding as to the 'success' of websites, whether that success is defined in monetary terms, or in more spiritual terms. Cahlan and David both gave the class much 'food for thought' as 'key words', 'Google Pipes' etc. were explained. I was quite impressed with both, and saw possible applications for each in potential projects! As for the ways that the aforementioned tools can be used to share the Gospel, I can see how we might be able to quote passages of scriptures and highlight and comment on them for non-members. We can also prepare slideshare presentations that would focus on Gospel topics, or present our testimonies visually. It also occurs to me that when we say, "share the Gospel", we might also be including "sharing our testimony of the Gospel" which may extend to members of the Church as well as non-members.

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