Saturday, October 18, 2008

Educational Uses of Flickr

Being in the field of art, I found a great website that exemplifies a great educational use of Flickr. If you go into: and click on the painting of Christ, several white boxes will appear. When you roll the curser over each box, a different question about the artistic elements of the painting will pop up. The students are then asked to blog about their thoughts on the painting, whether or not it is from the Renaissance period etc. I am so excited to find this application for future art tasks in my 326 class! What a great educational use of Flickr!

Also, as I was searching the web, I found another article that highlights additional educational uses of Flickr. This site gives a wonderful visual graphic showing tags that are associated with photographs. It displays the photos in a virtual photo album-when you click on the photo on the left, it appears in the format on the right as the featured photo. You might have students post photos under a particular tag, or send them on a 'treasure hunt' to find particular photos associated with your curriculum via references to tags. For my class, we discuss the principles and elements of task might be to find and save one photo that exemplifies each of the 13 principles and elements of art. Another idea would be to have the students create a photo book where they photograph their art work and create a final portfolio via Flickr and Inkubook at the following link:

Additionally, this site allows one to experiment with color, a color wheel etc. A great resource for a an art color unit:
As you move the slider on the website, photographs of that color appear! Very cool!

As for the field of Art Aesthetics (the philosophical questions surrounding art) a sight that allows you to Bickr (debate) whether or not that particular visual is art or not is available at:

I can't believe I am still finding more great sites related to art and Flickr...the following site is a concentration game based on art images...

I promise that this is the last one: Montager creates a montage of several smaller flickr images...this could easier be converted into an art lesson on composition.

Thanks for indulging me in pointing my search for educational uses of Flickr in the art direction!

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kamccollum said...

When I think about educational applications of technology, I usually think about the subjects I taught or the ones my students teach. Thank you for reminding me that there's more out there.